Our Story

Sammaan is a Jubilee (Wayanad) venture in Bangalore.

The VNK Group, which is into the food industry for more than three decades with its chain of restaurants, spices & condiment productions and Supermarkets & Hypermarkets, is in pursuit of growing a good food culture. Sammaan is on a mission to persuade the mankind to eat with dignity… to be more kind to your stomach and body, even while eating out.

Join us to celebrate the lingering taste of unadulterated restaurant food.


Your home-cooked food is delicious and hygienically prepared. However in the rush of routine life, you forget to enjoy. When you get time to sit with family at the dining table, the woman who cooks and serves are more concerned of making sure that her family relishes food, rather than sitting leisurely and enjoying the same.

But when you get an opportunity to take the whole family out to a nearby restaurant and relish your togetherness. Enjoy the luxury with the best of delicious dishes and that are stylish in presentation too…. all within your budget, then why not.


What you eat from outside should be hygienically prepared and the ingredients and the dishes need to un-adulterated. The water, vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and poultry need to be fresh and free of preservatives. The ambiance, the kitchen, the staff and the rest rooms need to be clean. Only then you are 100% sure that you are eating clean. Sammaan is 100% sure of that.


Eat healthy. Relish the twist of taste.

  • North Indian Khazaana
  • Tandoor Se
  • Biryani & Pulao
  • Seafood Dhamaka
  • Kids’ Snacks
  • Signature Kerala Dishes
  • Marhaba Arabia
  • Desi Thadkas